till things we've never seen

will seem familiar . (1)

Mexican flag

Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico

big fish Umm, dorado dinner enroute .

From Dec. 20 to Feb. 3 we anchored off Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico. This is a very pleasant town. There are about 40 other boats here for the holidays on average, with a few leaving or arriving each day. The "bright lights/ big city" resort of Ixtapa is about 20 minutes away by bus. Zihuatanejo has a tourist industry, too, but it's lower-key, and the buildings are lower-rise. We happily relaxed here, waiting for mail to catch up with us.

view of bay Zihuatanejo Bay, Espire at center right.

cow dripping Bath time for a salty cow.

band playing
The Zihua cruisers band, built around the Gumbo Ya Ya rhythm section, playing for a party at Noemi's restaurant.

anna fiddling Anna did Irish fiddle tunes.

rickety bridge The bridge across the lagoon enterance.

kids on beach
"Ayuda, amigo?" The kids loved to "help" with the dinks.

dinks on beach The cruiser's parking lot.

medmoored dink
Visiting Puerto Mio's dock for dinghy gas and wash water.

wash drying on lifelines Laundry day in Paradise.

point left Back to Espire's voyage of discovery.

(1) The opening quote is copyrighted material © 1977, 1979 Ice Nine Music, from the song "Lady with a Fan" by Robert Hunter. Used here with thanks but without permission.

All images copyright © 1996, 1997 Anna & Marc Syvertsen.