"Nights were warm,

Days were easy..." (1)

Salvadoran flag

Isla Conchaguita, El Salvador

town waterfront The town waterfront.

boats on beach The tidy and colorful waterfront.

sheltered cove A nice sheltered cove.

sheltered cove Espire is at the right edge.

sheltered cove The view from the opposite ridge.

Espire and Happy Mothership and shuttle.

flowering tree Tropical vegetation in the dry season.

down at town The view from halfway up the mountain.

friendly guide Our volunteer guide was herding his cattle.

Salvadoran family Arnoldo, his Mom, and his sister.

close reach Underway again, bound for Nicaragua.

point left Back to Espire's voyage of discovery.

(1) The opening quote is copyrighted material © circa 1981, from the song "Brave Strangers" by Bob Seeger. Used here with thanks but without permission.

All images copyright © 1996 Rick Drain.