Rainbows end down that highway, where ocean breezes blow. (1)

Californian flag

San Francisco to LA

boxes, clutter & chaos madly preparing the boat.

Rick holding 20 cm. stuffed cow the ship's mascot, Courage the cow.

outside the Golden Gate. Sailing out the Golden Gate.

Sent an email from Santa Barbara.

shore view from deck sailboat silhoet (sp?) in sunset anchored off Malibu.

Malibu hillside Marc's home town.

Stars, Stripes, & Steelie Wave that flag!

Marina del Rey Marina del Rey.

anna up mast closeup: anna up mast Anna checking the new rigging & instruments.

Sent an email from Marina del Rey.

point left Back to Espire's voyage of discovery.

(1) The opening quote is copyrighted material © 1977, 1979 Ice Nine Publishing Company, Inc., from the song "Estimated Prophet" by John Barlow and Bob Weir. Used here with thanks but without permission.

All images copyright © 1996 Rick Drain.